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Dear Dalton: ‘We’re Coming’??!!

Sep 1, 2012

Mr Premier:
‘We’re coming.’ That’s how you’re quoted in today’s Star: ‘We’re coming.’ For whom? This sounds like the grim reaper.
If you were ‘coming’ for the banks who have posted stunning third-quarter profits and for our province’s élites and corporations, who, along with their (and your) friends in the rest of Canada, have stashed away all of those tax cuts (to the tune of over a half trillion dollars) that you said would trickle down to the 99%, saying, ‘We don’t have any money for tax cuts and corporate subsidies and write-offs and wide-open loopholes,’ – well, I’d understand that.

Health Equity charter passes at AOHC AGM

Jun 15, 2012

After almost two years of consultations, the Association of Ontario Health Centres has adopted the Charter for Health Equity. With the adoption of the Charter, the sector (which includes ten Aboriginal Health Access Centres, 73 Community Health Centres [of which six are francophone], 15 Community-governed Family Health Teams and four Nurse Practitioner-led Clinics) commits itself to action in identifying and redressing health disparities with its agencies and the communities they serve.
CHCs will be guided by the Charter in a strengthened leadership in health equity through the creation and design of ‘policies and interventions that address discrimination and oppression with a goal of eradicating social inequality and disdvantage for the purpose of reducing differences in health outcomes’.


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