Managers’ Boot Camp: Everything you always wanted to know!

Sep 29, 2014

In a recent conversation with a CHC Executive Director, I was intrigued to hear her talk about what she saw as a gap in training for Managers: ‘She’s been a manager now for a while, but she has not figured out how to think like a manager.’  Thinking like a manager!  Of course!  How many of us have found ourselves in a situation in which we are now supervising people who used to be our peers and wondering where the instruction manual is stored?  Or been hired into a new, fast-paced environment – where there is no time to pause long enough to figure out the managerial ethos, land mines and expectations?  Each workplace has its own set of rules, both written and unwritten; what to do?

So, Managers’ Boot Camp is good news – a day-long feast of information, networking opportunities, interactive workshops, practical tools and tips to put into practice on Monday morning.  At a recent OCSA (Ontario Community Support Association) conference where my colleagues and I had set up a table to promote the event, so many people stopped by, interested and affirming strongly the need for something like this, in-person, up close.

Some of my favourite people in the Community Health Centre sector will be presenting on a wide range of topics of relevant interest to those working in community health and social services, in non-profits of all sorts –

  • Knowing and appreciating your own management style (there is no one ideal management ‘intelligence’ or style!);
  • Learning how to encourage and inspire your team to growth and excellence;
  • Setting priorities, managing workloads – your own and that of your team, figuring out where you are a filer, piler, tosser or dropper on your way to taming your virtual and actual work environment;
  • Managing up, down and sideways – getting a handle on yourself and your work, being the manager your team needs to buy in to organisational goals, persevere and grow, building relationship with the managers’ manager that works for both;
  • Self-reflection as an act of leadership;
  • How to keep the dust off your strategic plan;
  • Having difficult conversations at work – seeing conflict as an opportunity for growth and self-awareness – as an organisation and as individuals and teams;
  • Creating a human resource strategy that inspires staff resiliency, trust, confidence and collaboration and individual, team and organisational performance excellence;
  • and so much more…

Affordable for non-profits ($260 for a choice of four out of 12 workshops, lunch and an end-of-day wine and cheese), it also occurs to me that a good bit of what will be on tap that day are about life, getting the best out of all relationships, all tasks – and not just the ones associated with the workplace.

Don’t miss this opportunity!  Go here to register.  Bring two or more from your workplace – always good to have someone with whom you can share notes back in the office.  You will not regret it!


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