Partera’s Year-end Greetings to all our friends and supporters!

Dec 30, 2013

Getting at Hate and Fear

Sometimes it’s hard at year-end party to sum up in a few words a new friend’s question, ‘So what does Partera do?’  Sometimes I find myself getting lost in the details – the ones that fascinate me but get lost in translation.

workshop exercise on power
This is what oppressive power looks like.

People like short, so how about:  we try to get at hate and fear – whatever the nature of the ‘conflict zone’ in which we live, work or play! – why are we afraid, why do we hate and bully and kill? how and where did we learn to do so?   And once we figure out that we have choices – to love rather than hate, to risk rather than run; to unlearn learning, dismantle privilege, question fears – something else becomes possible.  Families thrive, workplaces hum, communities prosper, weapons of all sorts are set aside. That’s what we do!

To all of Partera’s Facebook Friends, thank you for your support that took so many forms in this past year! For 2014, we have another list of invitations from partners with creative ideas for interrupting violence and building peace:  Pakistan, the DRC, North East India, Mindanao, South Sudan – as well as a two-week intensive training in conflict transformation in the U.S.!

All of it possible – with the support of donors, who are the wheels and spirit under this good work.  So get your 2013 donation in (details here) – postmarked before midnight tomorrow – or online here.


Muslim-Christian Trainings
Mindanao / Philippines Conflict Transformation
San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico
Sudan third party non-violence intervention