URGENT APPEAL: Help Keep Girls in School!

Aug 6, 2015


NEED LINK projects/west-nile-keeping-girls-in-school.html Why Keeping Girls in School Matters.

From our Ugandan partner: We need $5 to keep girls in school for one full year. Reusable napkins, made from local materials and sewn by local tailors will help to keep 4,000 girls in school.

Think about it…

If newly menstruating girls’ families cannot afford to go to the store to purchase disposable sanitary napkins…

…they stay home from school one week out of every four.

If girls stay home from school one week out of every four…

…they fall behind in school.

If girls fall behind in school…

…they quit school.

If girls quit school…

…they are confined – the prospects for early marriage, early pregnancy, many pregnancies and a lowered life expectancy greatly increased.

If girls are confined…

… their voices, girls’ voices, women’s voices are silenced, their influence, nurture, wisdom, experience, gifts and talents removed from the public square.

When women’s voices are silenced, societies remain or become underdeveloped, societies remain or become marked by a warrior culture.

Uganda needs their girls in school. We all need our girls in school.  Every one of them a Malala.  Peace, Development and the Education of the girl child go hand in hand.  Lend your hand.

Irene Dawa and Faidah Dede Obombasa, directors of Community Initiatives for Peace & Development (CIPAD) report that, in order to meet our modest goals, we need another $3,000 – to purchase materials that will go into the making of this revolutionary napkin. Our training in their use will include education in their rights and the critical role they play in the creation, building and sustaining of peaceable, just and thriving communities. Go here to donate your $5 or $20 or $50 or more!. If production is to remain local and the napkins are to be ready by October, this boost is needed right now. Thank you from Partera! from CIPAD! from 4,000 Ugandan girls who will benefit from the removal of this barrier to their participation in their country’s future.
Go here to read more about this exciting project.  Our projects and project partners are low in cost and high in results! Participate in peace.


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